The best Getaway. Ever.

The rolling hills of the South Coast here in NSW have seductive powers.

Couldn't you just stare at that view forever?

Lush, green pastures.

Stunning, sunlit valleys.

Mother Nature at her finest.

Perfect for a getaway don't you think?

And get away is exactly what I did recently.

A group of us were back at ”Redleaf”-that gorgeous property I managed to stay at a few years ago.

And if the property has a twenty metre pool you know it's going to be better than good!

We were here to celebrate the milestone birthday of a good friend.

And we did it the best way we know.

With food (and copious amounts of Australian Shiraz!).

We enjoyed lunches on the deck, bathing in the warm, autumn sun.

In the evening we lit log fires and warmed our insides with hearty soups and stews.

Some of the dishes that we made included:

  • Lamb Koftas with tzatziki 
  • Mushroom, zucchini and green kale lasagna
  • Barbecued ”picanha”. If you've ever been to a Brazilian steakhouse this piece of rump is considered gold. It was marinated in a simple medley of olive oil, salt and pepper. I have to say I was quite nervous about cooking this on the barbecue and was happy when it turned out.
  • A Potato and chorizo soup finished off with cavolo nero.
  • Beef stewed in red wine with cauliflower mash.
  • My lime, yoghurt and olive oil cake. With limes picked off the nearby trees on the property.
  • A double chocolate, caramel and coconut cake. Decadent!

It was quite a varied menu but everyone chipped and enjoyed the fruits of their labour.

I love cooking holidays!

We also managed to sneak in a few other activities too.

We went on a small hike in the surrounding area and came across some llamas (of all things!) goats and cows.

I think hiking is fun-to a point. I just wish there were more coffee shops in the bush! Those espresso withdrawals come at the most unfortunate of times!

And finally we had a fun afternoon swimming. Such is the beauty and geography of this region that the beach is only half an hour away.

I just love this contrast. One minute you’re battling baby red belly snakes in the mountain (a long story...) and the next you're walking on pristine white sand.

I hope you enjoy my little picture essay.

Oh! And if you're interested in getting a few friends together and staying at that gorgeous property known as ”Redleaf” -click on this link to get all the details. (no one paid me to say that either!).


P.S. All photos you see here have been taken with my beloved Fuji X100