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Apart from bread, beer and sausages are featured strongly in the German culinary world. Sausages, or “wurst” as they are known here also come in an array of flavours. Bratwurst probably being the most popular one. But there is more to life than bratwurst, There is weiswurst, currywurst (sausages flavoured with curry) and a meatloaf type of sausage that is cut into square portions and served between a baguette roll and smothered with mustard. In fact, when you order sausages form the many outlets throughout the city, they are usually served in a crusty roll and topped with mustard. That’s it. No ketchup, pickles, cheese and other peculiarities. Simple and oh so tasty!!!

I managed to get to a restaurant that actually had a number of options on the menu, apart from the usual suspects of schnitzel etc…I started off with a “weis” beer. Or a wheat beer as was tanslated to me by friends. Aaaah the beer!!! This needs its own place of discussion in cyberspace. The choice here is dazzling. It was explained to me that beer was not even classified as an alcoholic beverage under German law. Workers have it included as part of their meal allowance in certain jobs!!!! What a refreshing attitude!!! Now wonder the Australians find a rapport with this country. Anyway, the wheat beer I drank was similar to a Coopers beer. Tan in colour and quite foggy.

Now I’m not a big wine drinker. I was happy to drink this with my meal though. It might have seemed quite heavy but it was very light and refreshing.
As I explained earlier I wanted to steer away from the traditional offerings on the menu. So it was recommended to me to order a “flamekuchen”. Literally translated as flame cake. You know how I love to make comparisons. Think of it as the “black sheep” of the pizza family. It’s similar to a pizza but it has its own personality. It’s a very thin layer of rolled puff pastry, smothered with sour cream and topped with bacon and onion!!! Very calorific but deceivingly light. This is something I would be glad to reproduce at home. And it really is quite simple. I had the standard version but the menu contained lots of different ones, with an array of toppings. Sour cream is the base sauce and this is where alot of the taste comes from.

Accompanied by a side salad, I was set. A nice end to a jet lagged day.