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What you are seeing above is the Holy Trinity. Well, not in a religious sense of course. This is the Holy Trinity of Greek cooking and food. These 3 ingredients make a very huge impact on the way Greek food is prepared. Lemon juice, olive oil and oregano. Or “rigani” as is it is pronounced in Greek. This oregano by the way, is not some pre packaged ingredient you will find in your local multi chain supermarket. Its a mountain oregano. Picked fresh and left out in the summer months to dry. It is then crumbled and stored for use in the later part of the year. Aah!!! the memories with my grandma. I can almost here the bouzouki playing again…

The olive oil is of a very superior quality. Extra virgin of course. Thought to be life giving by the ancient greek gods. I was reading the other day that alot of the Italian olive oil producers buy the oil from Greece and re package it as Italian….hmmmm. I’m not even going to touch that one! Let’s not forget the lemons. Plentiful in Greece. Every house with a back yard has one. Real bloody lemons. Not those hideous things that have been waxed, like my Aunty Soula!!!
You combine the three and what do you get? Magic!!! Basted over roast meats and barbecued items. Used on vegetables and lets not forget Greek lemon potatoes. Washed, peeled and tossed in the above mixture and seasoned with salt and pepper. Bake in a hot oven you can’t get better than that. One of the better Meditteranean food recipes of the region. I also like to use the Holy Trinity over salads. The fruitiness of the extra virgin olive oil, the tanginess of the lemon and the strong earthy tones of the oregano, all do their bit to ignite the senses. I seriously would be lost with out it in my gourmet kitchen.
I hope this post has inspired you to use the Holy Trinity in your next simple recipe.
Till next time