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Ice Ice Baby


When I last hosted Biteclub, I ended the evening with this wonderful dessert. I was too fussed to go about making sexy desserts for 13 people, so I settled on this little beauty. Its a perfect ending to a sweltering, sultry, Sydney evening. Lemonade and passionfruit icy poles. Or ice blocks to our American counterparts. The recipe for this comes form Gourmet Traveller. For all those who don’t know, Gourmet Traveller is an Australian food magazine which comes out monthly. It is stylish, glossy and it really knows its food. They even have a masterclass section for all budding chef wannabe’s.

This recipe requires to be completed in two stages. Firstly purchase about ten passionfruit. Halve them and scoop out their seedy innards. Place this pulp into a food processor. Pour the processed mixture through a fine sieve leaving behind the seeds. To this add sugar syrup to taste. (Sugar syrup is made by heating one part water to three parts caster sugar in a pot. Just let it heat. Do not boil! Remove, stir, check to see that it is all dissolved and let it cool.) Be wary of adding too much sugar syrup. We don’t want to be on our dentists hit list!! Anyway…squeeze a half cut lime and add a splash of vanilla extract. Stir and taste. It is very tempting to continue tasting here. This mixture is divine. Leave some for the icy pole moulds!!!

I picked up some icy pole moulds form K Mart for a few dollars. Now, for the lemonade portion of this recipe I used a “homestyle” lemonade. Not that clear sugary water they try to pass off as lemonade. You may wish to use Bitter Lemon here instead. Pour the lemonade filling about one third of the mould. Let it rest for half an hour. Place in the freezer. About 2-3 hours later, the lemonade should be nearly set but not hard. Now add the passionfruit mixture on top of the semi frozen lemonade. Seal it with the end of ice block mould. This has the stick which will allow you to hold and eat the icy pole. Leave it overnight in the freezer and enjoy slurping this beauty.