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I “Heart” Tomatoes


tomato and mozzarella skewers
A great appetizer or starter

As the summer months finally wind down here in Sydney, admittedly a little earlier than normal, I seek to take advantage of the last of the summer fruits and vegetables at the markets. The figs I cooked the other day were fantastic and very tasty. On that same day I noticed a stall selling a variety of tomatoes in all shapes and sizes. This guy had it all. Cherry, “teardrop”, heirloom, amoroso…all were there. My eye spotted the “grape” variety. Shaped liked grapes, I was informed that these were juicy and packed a lot of flavour. Great, time to get experimenting. I like playing with food so I wanted to use these a little differently. I mean I could have used them in a salad with some red onion and a simple dressing but I thought it would be fun to change the elements a little. So I skewered them! I basically made them into vegetarian “souvlaki”. LOL! I paired them up with some bocconcini, drizzled some extra virgin olive oil over them and some basil pesto. They were fun to eat and very fresh. One bite had creamy, soft mozzarella and the next bite was a juicy grape tomato. A perfect appetizer or starter for your guests.

cherry tomato pasta with parmesan
A simple pasta dish with roasted “grape” tomatoes.

For my next “experiment” I simply roasted the leftover grape tomatoes. I placed them in an oven dish, drizzled them with some olive oil, a god splash of balsamic and seasoned them with some salt and pepper. My oven was smokin hot (about 200 deg C) and I let them roast for about half an hour. The tomato skins will be blistered but they will be plumper and full of extra juiciness. Once they had cooled I tossed them with some spaghetti (my favourite!), a little extra virgin olive oil and grated some Parmigiano Reggiano cheese over them. Simplicity and taste in its purest form. Nothing is better. I love playing with food…