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Fish cakes


I haven’t really felt like cooking anything too exotic or complicated lately.  A quick look in the cupboard yielded that can of tuna staring right back at me.  You know the “one”.  The one you buy for emergencies and maybe for that tuna pasta.  Another quick look in the fridge and I found some leftover basil pesto, half a red onion, some parsley on its death bed and some potatoes.  Hmmm…let’s do fish cakes, I thought.  And fish cakes it was.  Delicious, easy and baking them was so much easier than frying them.  The mixture was a little wet but it all worked out in the end.

Whilst they are not as glamorous as their Thai counterparts (which I could eat by the bucket load) they certainly filled the gap on a boring weeknight.  And they were also “tooth friendly”!  I paired them with a beautiful store bought aioli that was really garlicky and flavoured with lime zest.  And don’t forget the extra sea salt for all that ocean goodness.

Again, going by the leftovers I had about in the kitchen, I boiled 3 medium potatoes.  Once they had cooled slightly, I added a 400g can of tuna, one egg, some chopped up parsley, half a diced red onion, 2 tbsps of basil pesto, a splash of my newly arrived Greek extra virgin olive oil and some salt and pepper.  I binded it all together with a half a cup of “instant” oatmeal, shaped the patties, sprayed them with some olive oil and baked them in a hot 200 deg C oven for 20 mins.  Serve and enjoy!

You could easily substitute the tuna with canned salmon and if you’re really good you could use some fresh white flesh fish fillets.  Really, the choice is yours and this isn’t rocket science folks.  I always encourage people to play with their food!