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Fresh Ricotta with Warm Honey and Cinnamon


fresh ricotta with warm honey and cinnamon

You get to the end of a dinner party that you’re hosting and you wonder what to serve your guests.  As I explained yesterday I don’t really have a sweet tooth.  Sometimes I’ll offer a selection of cheeses with fresh fruit and other times I’ll go all the way and offer a lovely decadent dessert. This idea combines the best of both worlds and is really very easy.  A fresh, soft and bland cheese like ricotta marries perfectly with the lusciousness of the honey and the subtle spiciness of the cinnamon.

You may choose to offer it as one big piece in the centre of the table and your guests can pour some of the warm honey mixed with the cinnamon to suit themselves.  Or you can easily blend the ricotta into moulds and serve them individually.  I tried hard to find “anthotiro”, which is sort of the Greek version of ricotta but I had no luck here in Sydney!  So I settled for some fresh ricotta.  If I was in Greece I would have used fresh Greek honey and some Greek cinnamon but hey you make do with what you can get!

Again there is no real recipe as such.  Just pour some honey in a bowl and microwave for 20 seconds.  Don’t over heat it as it will get too runny and not retain any of its thickness.  Blend in some ground cinnamon and pour over the cheese!   Serve with coffee and your dinner party will definitely end on a high note.  Truly delicious and very easy!  Really, there is no excuse!

fresh ricotta with warm honey and cinnamon