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Recovery Food


This is a mish mash of a post.  A few different things to discuss.

While a new man was being elevated to the heights of power on Tuesday, I was being elevated in a dentist’s chair seeking treatment for a cracked tooth!  As it so happens I bit into a Greek sugared almond, “koufeta” as we call them and managed to some how crack one of my teeth dead centre in the middle!  Diagnosis: NOT GOOD!

He couldn’t save it he explained and it was quite “rare” for such a split.  But while I was there he discussed getting all my wisdom teeth out as they were “forcing my gum forward and creating discomfort”.  Look, I dread the dentist, like a lot of people but it had to be done.  So I booked in and I had an operation for 5 extractions!!!!    All I can say is thank god for Sleep Dentistry.   An amazing procedure where you are sedated but are actually awake.  I remember nothing, not even the euphoria that followed.  (Apparently, my friend who had to drive me home said I was swearing like a trooper in the post op and was demanding pizza and cold beers!..LOL!…Go figure!)

Recovery has been good so far but all I can basically manage to eat for the next few days are soups and soft foods!  This is a soup I make and keep it in the freezer for those “I can’t be bothered” times.  The recipe is originally on my blog here. (the little buttered toasts you see were fully dunked to ensure softness!).

I could have seen the whole experience in a negative light and complained but I am really trying to focus on the positives and the love of good friends and family around me.  Really, what did I have to whinge about?  I’m healthy, have good health coverage, food in my stomach and a roof over my head.  A little discomfort won’t kill me!  I am truly grateful for what I have!  In order to keep occupied during this recovery time I realised that it’s spring time and there are so many flowers out and about.  I wanted to be creative so I shot a few of these flower pictures for your enjoyment.  Hope you like!

So between sinusitis/flu and “wisdom” teeth (why the call them that I will never know!…there’s nothing wise about them!) I actually got an invite to go and stay at a luxurious, “old world”, grand hotel in my old city.  I’ll be there capturing every moment and eating my way through all the offerings.   Can’t wait to be pampered…