Roast Beetroot with Feta


Greek Olive oil

Thanks to everyone who sent well wishes recently, regarding my teeth dramas…it’s really nice to know that so many of you stopped by to say “get better”.  I’ve just returned from Melbourne where I got to indulge in a beautiful hotel for a couple of days…more on that soon.  Anyway, I’m starting to eat a few more solid meals and things are progressing nicely.  Today I cooked up some beetroot with feta and used some of that home made oilve oil I had delivered from Greece.  The picture you see above is my little special bottle I store my Greek olive oil in as I use it around the kitchen.

roast beeetroot with feta

The beetroot was sweet and earthy and paired well with the creaminess and saltiness of the feta cheese.  I basically covered the baby beets individually with foil and baked them in a very hot oven for 45 mins to 1 hour.  Using a pair of “kitchen gloves” I peeled their skins chopped them up, added the feta and drizzled some of that beautiful golden oil over them.  The dish was perfect for the extremely warm temperatures we’re experiencing at the moment and my mouth was grateful too!  If you don’t like feta you could easily substitute a goats cheese or some ricotta.  It’s up to you.  Keep it simple and enjoy!