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Summer in the City


Phew!  What a busy few weeks it’s been!  I think I’m all “partied out”.  With the summer weather in full swing here in Sydney, it’s been one event after another.  I think I’ve consumed enough canapes to last me a lifetime.  I’ve been enjoying beer and champagne like there’s no tomorrow.  All in moderation of course!…LOL!  I love it when it gets hot in Sydney and friends decide to throw a bbq or a party.  It’s great to see everyone and catch up.

I’ve also enjoyed a beautiful array of summer foods including, fresh watermelon and canteloupe, spinach and pecorino empanadas, Brazilian cheese bread and the most divine cupcakes made with a marshamllow topping!

This party whore is going to detox!  I’ll be back with some recipes in the next few days.  I hope you are all enjoying yourselves!