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What’s in a word? And some new toys.



Phew!  What a busy few weeks!  I haven’t really had time to breathe…or blog!  Nevertheless I’m back with a quick post.  Sydney is stinking hot at the moment.  Not that I’m complaining…of course.  It’s just really humid and I find myself showering three times a day.  I sweat worse than my father…LOL!  Whilst I don’t have any specific recipes today to share, I just wanted to share some pictures and thoughts with you.  I recently had the opportunity to pick up a couple of vintage Polaroid cameras and I am totally in love with them!  Of course, the film costs a fortune but hey! when you love photography you give a lot for it!  These cameras were produced around the eraly 70’s and they manual focus!  They are the SX-70 type and they work like a charm.


There is a certain quality about film and instant film in particular that just can’t really be captured by digital.  The colours, textures and tones produced by the film are all so ethereal.  So I decided to photograph what I love best when I got these the other day.  FOOD!  You can see some of the stuff I’ve been consuming.  I made a tea that I was going to stuff with mint leaves and call it “Moroccan Tea”…then it just got too hot so I stuffed it with ice cubes and mint leaves and made Iced Tea.  But it’s still tea right? Ok!  Then I shot some pictures of my morning berries.  Strawberries and raspberries to be exact.  But hey, they still are berries right? I’m not sure if any “authority” can help me calrify that….


Got some cool cherry tomatoes from the farmers market.  Cherry or not, they’re still tomatoes.  Right?  Phew!  I hope I’m making sense here and please don’t think I’ve been struck by heat stroke!  Actually if we wanted to get technical, tomatoes are a fruit and really a berry but hey I’m sure there’s an “authority” out there waiting to correct me!  Actually, I think they photograph rather beautifully!


I decided to roast these beauties, with a good splash of olive oil, some sea salt and ground pepper and enjoy them on a nice bit of grain bread!  Made for a quick delicious lunch.  Perfect during this crazy heatwave at the moment.  And for the sake of technicalities, let’s call it “Roast Tomatoes on Grain Bread”…we musn’t forget to add the word “roast” there!   Also, if you call this anything else, or add anything to it, just remember to change the title as it really, really, needs to reflect what you’re cooking!   Why?  Coz I said so! And remember, I’m always right.

I hope you’ve enjoyed looking at my “new” camera’s pics.  Occasionally, I’ll do a few of these Polaroid posts to keep you my dear readers entertained!

All the best