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Giouvarlakia Revisited


giouvarlaki with silverbeet and lentils

I’ve decided to redo giouvarlakia (Greek meatball soup recipe) this winter.

I’ve blogged about giouvarlakia before and you can find my recipe here.

I love the “heartiness” of this dish and I can eat them non stop. They definitely warm up the insides.  However, in my “extreme makeover” (ok, maybe not that extreme) I did add a bunch of chopped silverbeet or swiss chard and some brown lentils to cook with the stock created by the meatballs.

And I don’t add any avgolemono to finish this Greek meatball soup  off.  Yes I know it’s sacrilege but I’ve often said I like playing around with my food.


I prefer to squeeze some lemon juice just before serving them.  It’s really filling and satisfying and a great way to get some extra fibre in your diet.

To enhance the health properties of this dish I enjoy it with another great Aussie red!  This time it was a lovely Merlot.

I hope you like my variation of this Greek meatball soup dish.

red wine