Photo Friday-Salad Days


deconstructed salad

It’s salad time!  The weather is high in humidity and you’ll probably hear the usual “it’s hot” posts by me.  It’s also the time of year that I get to indulge in my favourite salads.  I know you can whip up anything and call it a salad these days but I’m heading back to my roots.  Crisp, iceberg lettuce, cooling cucumber and juicy tomatoes.  Onions used to make an appearance as well but lately they have not been agreeing with me!  For this Photo Friday I decided to “deconstruct” the usual salad and present it a little differently.  I’ve taken inspiration form the divine “Miss H” for today’s post.  I hope you enjoy it!

Take care and enjoy the weekend.

P.S.  To all WordPress users out there I’ve noticed after upgrading the latest Akismet plugin that it’s delivering a whole lot more spam than usual.  I’ve been around commenting to a few blogs and for some reason my comments “disappear”.  Have a look in your comments tab…ugh!! (mine was full, including regular comments from readers!)