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Xmas Lights-London


Last week saw me in London for a few days. No matter how many times I visit, I always enjoy my stay in this grand city.

It was nice to throw on an overcoat, scarf and hat and wander around soaking all the Xmas atmosphere. (although if you live in Sydney at the moment, you’ll notice we’re not too far off wearing our winter woollies!…so much for whinging about early summers!).

 I started my journey at Westminster Bridge and like my last visit here, snapped away like a madman. The area takes on a whole different vibe in the evening. The buildings are all lit up and glow so gorgeously. I’ll leave those night shots for another post though.

I made my way to Piccadilly Circus to meet up with a long time friend, who now calls London home.

From there we made our way down Regent street and marvelled at the beautiful Xmas lights on display. I know I can be quite repetitive but I was really mesmerised. Different sections of the street glowed in various colours. Some were gold and others took on a red hue.

We made our way down Oxford Circus and took a turn down Oxford street and the Xmas light displays took on another perspective. Presents and umbrellas all sparkled and looked like they were floating in mid air. Just brilliant!  A lot of the big department stores had also showered their storefronts with magical light displays. 

My friend said I was a bit like a kid in a candy store! I’m not usually one who goes “ga-ga” over Xmas but I’m not a grinch either. (I just despise those department stores that play those cheesy songs this time of the year!…Mariah Carey anyone?).

When you’re a visitor in a big city like London of course you can’t help but  “soak it all up”.

So what are the Xmas decorations like in your city?