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The Barossa Valley


When I returned from the Barossa Valley on the weekend, I had a long hard think about what I was going to write.

Tasty food?  Yep.

Great wines.  Of course!

Fresh produce?  Better than any of the stuff I get at my inner city farmers market.

But I can tell you it was a whole lot more than that.

It was about the people.  The community.

It might sound like a bit of a cliché but I have never met a more friendly, passionate and welcoming bunch of people.

Living in a busy city you kind of forget what it’s like to belong.  Sure, you may belong to a gym or a club but it’s not the same!

I feel very privleged to have sampled some of the Barossa hospitality and today I want to share some images (ok…a lot!) of this wonderful region.  This is just a sample.  I plan on doing future posts about particular experiences so stay tuned!

It might have been a lightning visit but Sneh, Fouad, Sarah and myself certainly packed a lot in.  Lead by our gorgeous leader Bianca we ate, drank, cooked, ate, drank and shopped for props all in 48 hours!

We ate at some amazing places but a personal highlight for me was getting up early and heading to the Barossa Farmers Market.  The market is held every Saturday morning and permanently located in the historic Vitners shed near Angaston.

You must try the bacon and egg rolls.  I’m still dreaming about them!  Made with Barossa Heritage Pork, I had a hard time restraining myself from having seconds.

I chatted with Eleni form Eleni’s Gourmet Bread and made the assumption that with a name like that she was Greek.  Well, I was partly right.  She was of Swedish descent who had lived in Nafplion and ended up in the Barossa!  And what a character!

I also sampled a roasted strawberry and balsamic ice cream from the Barossa Valley Ice Cream Company and with one lick was taken back to that era of “real” ice cream.  Julie, who makes the ice cream is a spirited individual and one who takes her ice cream making very seriously.  You won’t find numbers and unprounouncable words in her range of flavours.

Breads, lamb, pies, gluten free goodies-it’s all here.  The root veggies were looking good too but there is only so much one can take back in their bags!

Like I said earlier it’s about community.  The Barossa Valley Farmers Market is a perfect example of this strong food community in action.

P.S.  If you’re reading this in a feed reader or email, you might like to head on over to the actual site and check out my new larger landscape pictures.

Many thanks to southaustralia.com and Barossa.com for making this trip possible. I would also like to thank Bianca for putting up with my humour!  All opinions expressed are strictly my own!

0513_Barossa-Valley_110  making pasta at Casa Carboni in the Barossa Valley making pasta at Casa Carboni in the Barossa Valley