Join me as I take a picturesque look at St Peter’s Square in Rome, Italy.

The Vatican is a definite must when visiting the Eternal City.  This “city within a city” is enclosed in an area measuring no more than one hundred and ten acres.

Like I explained in my previous post on exploring Rome, get there early.  Especially in the busy summer months.  I did not expect a queue of that many people at 8 a.m. in the morning!

My friend and I decided to skip the queue and just hang around St Peter’s Square taking it all in. (I’d already been to the Basilica and the Sistine Chapel on a previous visit).

St. Peter's Basilica Rome Italy

 An espresso, some sunshine and beautiful architecture. Can’t get more “blessed” than that!

It really is glorious.

Even though I feel the photos can’t do it justice, enjoy the pictures anyway.

Next week I’ll be showcasing the beautiful city of Taormina in Sicily.

Enjoy the pictures!

St. Peter's Basilica Rome Italy