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Behind the Scenes of a Blog Post-a Video


Blog posts are funny things.  Watch how I put a food blog post together from start to finish.

Today I’m letting you in to the secret world of food blogging!  (Totally ignore that if you’re a blogger though!).

This video is a little sneak peek of what goes into a blog post.  Of course it’s the two and a half minute condensed version as opposed to the three actual days it takes me to put a post together.

As an added bonus (if you can call it that!) you get to see me in my “casual” clothes as I plan the post, prep the food, style it, photograph and edit the pictures.

It was a lot of fun creating this video and it has fuelled me to perhaps try to do a few more.  We’ll see.  The “behind the scenes” video was made with the help of Dodoni Feta. I’m poud to have Souvlaki For The Soul associated with this brand and have enjoyed coming up with traditional and fun recipes for their products.

In case you missed it you can see my previous creations here:

Sit back.   Scroll to the bottom for the video. Relax. And enjoy!

Take care.

Behind The Scenes from Peter G on Vimeo.

Behind the scenes video preparation of a food blog post.