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Hazelnut Meal and Chocolate Cake


chocolate and hazelnut cakeAnother blog post and surprise, surprise I have another cake!

This is another one of my experimental recipes that I have been tinkering about in the kitchen with.

It’s a gluten free cake and this time I’m using hazelnut meal as my base. It’s a little dense, a little moist and every bit decadent.

Just a quick note here. I’ve received a few emails in the last few weeks asking if I was gluten intolerant. It seems that my baking adventureschocolate and hazelnut cake have taken a slight shift and some people were curious.

No I am not gluten intolerant. I just love experimenting with different ingredients. It’s fun and it keeps me a little challenged in the kitchen. Plus, like I mentioned in my almond pancakes post, I like cooking for my friend who is gluten intolerant.

Now. Back to the cake…

hazelnut meal and chocolate cake

It’s not the first time though that I put together a cake featuring hazelnut and chocolate. I made this hazelnut and chocolate cake eons ago but this time I’ve obviously gone a different route.

As a lot of people will confess, chocolate and hazelnuts are the perfect marriage and I think a cake is a perfect expression of their love!

That chocolate icing is actually a beautiful combination of raw cacao, coconut oil and honey!

It requires a little stint in the fridge to harden slightly but I swear I couldn’t wait that long! I was licking the blender blades and spoons!

It’s glossy, shiny and just “perfect” in my eyes!

chocolate and hazelnut cake

If you plan on making this I’ll offer a few tips and tricks that I’ve picked up along the way.

With any kind of nut flour it’s always good to line your baking pans. Even if you’re using a non stick type of one…I’ve learnt the hard way!

I made this in two 9 inch pans and it was obviously sandwiched together. I’m thinking perhaps you could try baking it in one and then slicing it in half. I have yet to do that but I might try it next time I make it.

It also likes to cling on to the cake cooling rack. I had to use a spatula to remove it to place it on the cake stand. It’s nothing major but you have been warned.

I originally had planned on filling the centre with a vanilla and coconut whipped cream but for some reason the coconut cream turned into slop. So I improvised and added more of that divine chocolate icing.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing, right?

hazelnut meal and chocolate cake

Hazelnut Meal and Chocolate Cake Recipe