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Nutella Crepe cake


pouring chocolate over Nutella crepe cake

And that my friends is the “money shot”!

It had only taken me 6 hours to get to this point…

Let’s go back a little in time shall we?

When I first embarked on making this Nutella crepe cake I had envisioned it would only take a few hours.

I mean, there was no baking involved.

A little stirring of some crepe batter, cook the crepes and put it all together…

Um…sort of.

Now, I can’t remember the last time I actually made a crepe. I think it was probably back in the 80’s sometime during a Home Economics class in high school.

To say I was “rusty” is an understatement.

I mean I’ve made my fair share of pikelets here on the blog so I didn’t think it would be too hard.

Except that crepes are a lot thinner than buckwheat pikelets!

Yes. There is a little skill involved and my crepe making skills didn’t surface till I had ruined four in a row!

I know a crepe pan is quite useful in these scenarios but there was no way I was going to let kitchen “gadget-itis” get the better of me.

I have a perfectly good set of pans and I was confident in their ability to get the job done.

The most difficult part was turning over the thin crepes. This is where I failed.

Eventually I “cheated”.

I used one pan to heat one side of the crepe and once it was done I flipped it into another heated pan nearby to complete the other side. That’s my method and I’m sticking to it!

Nutella crepe cake recipe

Nutella cream crepe cake with melted chocolate

a slice of Nutella crepe cake

Nutella crepe cake recipe

In all seriousness though I’d seen this cake around on the internet and just had to make it.

Once the crepes are cooked and cooled you can pretty much add any kind of filling you desire.

I think a lemon curd variation would be beautiful!

In the end I went with Nutella. And why wouldn’t you?

I keep my Nutella in the fridge (purely for cooking of course) so I heated it up a little in the microwave to soften it before folding it through some whipped cream.

The final touch was to drizzle over some melted 70% dark chcolate blended with a little coconut oil. I was initially going to top it with some chopped hazelnuts but ran out. Never mind. The grated chcocolate worked beautifully as well.

And how did it taste?

Surprisingly it was quite light. I had imagined those 22 crepes spread with Nutella cream would be too rich and heavy but my taste buds didn’t think so.

You have been warned. Practice with a few crepes before you start this and be prepared to spend a good part of the day constructing it.


a slice of Nutella crepe cake

a slice of crepe cake


Serves 8


  • 1 cup plain flour, sifted
  • 1 tsp caster sugar
  • pinch salt
  • 1 cup milk
  • 1 cup water
  • 3 eggs
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 25 grams butter melted
  • 3/4 cup Nutella, softened
  • 300 ml whipped cream
  • 100 grams 70% dark chocolate, melted
  • 2 tbsp coconut oil


  1. Combine the flour, sugar and salt in a bowl and stir to combine. In a large jug or bowl whisk together the milk, water, eggs and vanilla and add to the dry ingredients. Whisk until smooth and add the melted butter to the batter and whisk again. Set aside.
  2. Heat a 20cm (8 inch) pan on a medium high heat and add a little grapeseed oil to coat. Take a 1/4 cup measuring cup (use this as your guide for the amount of batter to make each crepe) and pour into the hot pan. Swirl around till the base is evenly covered and cook for 1 min or until the top is no longer “wet”. Flip on the other side and cook for half a minute more.
  3. Repeat with the remaining batter ensuring you keep your pan oiled between crepes. You shoud end up with approximately 20-22 crepes. Allow to cool completely before arranging the cake.
  4. Fold the Nutella through the whipped cream and proceed to make the cake by spreading 2 tbsp of Nutella cream between each crepe. Finish off the cake by combining the melted chocolate with coconut oil and pouring over the top.
  5. Garnish with grated chocolate and allow to rest for half an hour before serving.

a slice of crepe cake

  • Christine

    Looks like it was worth the wait!

  • Oooo hahaha… Yes I can imagine that it would be a little tricky if you haven’t baked any crepes in a long time Peter! The end result looks absolutely gorgeous though and those layers are so even! Well done! Now if I could only have a slice….

  • I can already see you cussing and tutting in the kitchen when your crepes were giving you grief. Well it looks like it was worth it! So beautiful.

  • AmandaChewTown

    Wow! Six hours is an amazing effort – and who’d have thought we both would have been posting Nutella themed posts tonight. Great minds…

  • bellini

    I remember when the Daring Bakers made this cake back in the day. I have always wanted to make it myself as well. I like the Nutella twist.

  • That’s just gorgeous and I hope someone does give you money for that shot. 🙂 I’ve yet to snap a money shot but here’s hoping. 🙂

  • Rosa

    Oooohhhh Lord, that cake is just out-of-this-world! Now I’m craving this fabulous creation of yours.



  • Dolly

    Wow! Your porn crepe cake is to die for! Definitely THE money shot! Very well done. Must have required so much patience and superman skills!

  • Peter, this is a very Hungarian kind of cake and I’ve always wanted to make one, but couldn’t bear the thought of making that many crepes. Love your candor. Nothing worse than someone pretending something was a breeze. I’m off sugar and wheat for the moment, but might try this once my diet returns to normal. That is, unless you’d like to come over and make one for me xox

  • Wow, I must make this for my mother-in-law! She is a chocoholic! This is a lot of work though, as I am used to making simple desserts like my healthy chocolate oatmeal brownies: http://liveitinerantly.com/blog/2013/8/6/healthy-chocolate-oatmeal-brownies

  • Tutti Dolci

    I love your “cheater” cooking method and your cake looks sinfully delicious!

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  • Oh you sexy beast! And yeah, that dessert looks pretty smokin’ too 😛

  • Oh wow love your perseverance! 6 long hrs but very well spent, I say. Your photos are as sensational as ever. I’d love to make this one day too. Cannot get enough of Nutella. But I can already bet that my friends are gonna go “What?! Crap cake?!” when I tell them what I’m making. Here’s to making them feel sorry for their words through this cake! Haha

  • Peter first of all I am very happy to see you commenting on my blog again. I make crepes very often and never thought of serving them as a cake. Brilliant idea. I usually flip them in the air provided the non stick fring pan is around 7 – 8 inches maximum 🙂

  • You crack me up, Peter. Love that you shared your cheat’s method to make this absolutely mouth-watering cake. I WANT!!!!

  • This is one crazy-arse fantastic cake Peter. It’d kill me to eat it but I’m sure I could do the whole thing in one go 🙂

  • Sylvie Shirazi

    Oh my does that look insanely good! Worth every hour.

  • Anna Kurzaeva

    I can’t resist! Sent me one piece, please :))

  • Sara (Belly Rumbles)

    Oh good God that looks good. Six hours!

  • If only I can get mine to look like yours, I will be happy… Crepe cakes are my weakness.
    6 hours of well earnt cake effort! Have an extra piece for your hard work!

  • Queen Sashy

    I must have a crepe like right now, after seeing this…

  • This looks AMAZING! Going to give it a try soon.

  • Alex011

    I just made this wonderful crepes, but I only get 15 in a 8 inch pan I don’t know why?!
    Never mind we enjoy however. The batter are perfect they are soft and light.
    Good job 🙂
    I’m looking forward to try something else from your blog.

  • Alison Cowan

    Serves eight.
    Who are we kidding? Two, tops.

  • Laishi

    Just made this.. Between 6 adults, we could only eat half. But it was totally amazing. Everyone was raving about it for days.