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Salmon Burgers


salmon burger

Are you ever consumed by food cravings that just won’t go away?  Do you suddenly have the urge to cook things that you usually wouldn’t?  I do. And depending on the complexity of the dish and time required, I cave in…hey we’re only human after all!  My cravings began with burgers last week. After recovering from my sinusitis and eating enough Greek chicken soup to last a lifetime, I was determined to make that “perfect burger” (in my eyes anyway). I know it would’ve been just as easy as visiting one of the many gourmet burger joints that have sprung up around Sydney recently. But I wanted to go the whole hog and that included making my own burger buns.

making salmon burgers

As I explained in the video post on the “light” Brioche bread that recipe was originally designed to make the best burger buns. And it certainly lived up to it’s expectations. And beyond! (side note: shape the dough into eight burger buns and let them cook for approx. 15 mins-until they are browned on top-toast for a few minutes before serving with your favourite toppings).

salmon burger

I had a recipe bookmarked from years ago in the “must make” folder that sits on my computer, for salmon burgers. I liked the fact that this recipe used fresh salmon fillets and could easily be adapted to include any ingredients you liked. I jazzed mine up with freshly chopped dill, chili, capers, garlic and binded it all using some instant oatmeal from a packet. I’ve had some dodgy salmon burgers in the past that would’ve been more at home on a hockey field. These were moist, delicious and irresistibly “more-ish” as we say here in Australia. I don’t have the luxury of space in my tiny apartment,so in order to emulate a barbecue I used one of those char grill pans.  I imagine these salmon burgers would be even better if they were cooked on a real barbecue.

salmon burgers

I dressed mine up with baby spinach leaves, freshly cut tomatoes and thinly sliced cucumbers (done using a potato peeler) that had been marinated in a little vinegar. I think a tartare sauce would have been the perfect ending but I used some Greek yoghurt that I mixed with dill, garlic, salt and lemon juice. Oh! And let’s not forget the “fries” on the side. I made a batch of sweet potato fries (that were actually baked in the oven). Burger cravings fulfilled?  You betcha!

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salmon burgers with sweet potato fries